Another Sky is out!

Another Sky, the latest single by Italian singer-songwriter Valentina Blú, is out now! This was an interesting and challenging project to produce, as both of us were looking to incorporate the rhythms that make us move (brought to you by the banging of Congas, Djembes, Timbau, Alegre, Darbuka, and other minor percussion) into a contemporary pop/electronic music setting.

Synths and sound design were no strangers to the composition: shy and mellow sounds woven into the foundation of the verses, wobbly synths offered as transitional elements between sections, or exploding leads at full force in the choruses. The idea of including a group of people shouting the tag in the chorus was meant to match intensity, while the italian bridge section is a peak into Valentina Blú's native language.

The final product was definitely a marriage of the many aspects of my musical journey; the rhythms, the drums, the engineering, the synth work, the post production, the contour of the piece, and so forth... A very rewarding experience to be able to put everything together into what I think is a cohesive production. Hope you enjoy.