Born and raised in Dominican Republic, music was introduced to me at an early age with the piano, but the banging of drums would ultimately catch my attention. Growing up in Santo Domingo the sounds of merengue, bachata, and salsa were always present, but my two biggest musical influences actually came from overseas: progressive rock and metal, and video game music.


Playing @ Canoa, Dominican Republic


Playing drum-set in rock, metal, and pop groups as a teenager made me pursue higher studies in the field, which started in 2010 at Berklee College of Music in Boston. During my time at Berklee I had the opportunity of playing in different groups, ranging in style from jazz to rock, from funk to latin music, and even in a Brazilian batucada ensemble called Bloco-AfroBrazil. Even though my initial focus was to perform, my interests quickly veered towards composition and production, and then into video game scoring and sound design.


Bloco AfroBrazil


Having shifted my vision of what I wanted to get out of music, I started to delve into synth work, control systems, and creating my own sounds through processing and sampling. Now based in New York City, I am working as a freelance composer and sound designer, while producing and performing with Valentina Blú, an Italian singer and songwriter with a flavor that blends pop, electronic sound design, and multicultural drums and rhythms.


with Valentina Blú


Through music I’ve had the privilege of interacting with people from all around the world, which in turn has altered the manner in which I approach my creations. Today I aim to design musical landscapes that are rooted in those meaningful connections made with cultures, places, and other living beings; with the purpose of amplifying experiences through sound.